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Severn Vale School

An Academy

Art & Design

In Art & Design students study the following elements:

Year 7


Exploring the theme of Animals in a range of media. Developing skills in line, pattern, recording texture in 2D & 3D. Critical connections with cultural art from Mexico & Aardman animation figures.

Foundation TONE & COLOUR

Extending understanding and practice of the key art elements tone & colour through a range of shorter tasks to build skills in tonal scale and application. Followed by a painting outcome with critical investigation to Impressionism


Building confidence to draw from observation, adapting and improving outcomes as their work progresses. Print and collage. Contemporary and historical critical sources.

Year 8


Using the theme of movement to undertake a range of creative outcomes from expressive contemporary practice, light photography, & figures in movement. Critical connections made to Haring, Degas, The Fauvists & Kinetic Art


Revisiting observational drawing skills, to produce short studies recording line & form from a range of different sources.


Students explore a range of media & materials through the theme of bugs such as, digital, print and collage. Students own choice of Artist research to inspire final piece(s)


Short collaborative 3D and design project with STEAM connection.

Abstract Art:

Exploring abstract art through expression, shapes, lines, colour. Extending understanding of composition, developing final piece ideas in 2D & 3D. Understanding of 20th Abstract Art Movements and how this extends into popular art and design.

Year 9

Day of The Dead

Using Mexican Day of the Dead as an art & design source. Understanding key points about the festival and how these elements have fed into popular culture are and design. Students develop skills through Illustrative, print & 3D & digital outcomes.

Words & Issues

Opportunities to explore a theme of choice to produce issue based art. Connections made to protest art, advertising and artists such as Banksy & the Constructivists. Outcomes are digital, graphic design, letterform and photography focused.


Exploring the theme of self through responding to the work of others and producing personal outcomes.


Short collaborative 3D and design project with STEAM connection.


Re-visting recording from observation through drawing, photography. A range of outcomes develop higher level recording skills in preparation for GCSE where appropriate.

Year 10 & 11

Fine Art:

2.5 Extended projects. Projects focus on recording in a range of ways through traditional mediums. The students then develop their own work exploring related artists and build the confidence to have their own style. Students work in sketchbooks & larger scale in a range of media.

Graphic Communication & Photography:

Students explore design and illustration practices through drawing, collage, photography & digital. Students develop work and final outcomes / products from a creative brief, working in a way which suits their preferred style. Students learn the technical skills of digital SLR & bridge, creative photography & editing through Photoshop. Themes include: Nature, Texture, light, still life, everyday & film noir.