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Severn Vale School

An Academy

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning (BfL) has been in existence at Severn Vale School for a number of years and it is no coincidence that during this time the school’s examination results have improved significantly year on year. Our BfL system builds upon best practice from other successful schools and recommendations from Ofsted. BfL focuses on rewarding good behaviour through a system of praise stamps, praise postcards, phone calls, gift vouchers and other rewards such as Year Group trips. There is a clear focus on the language of choice. Students who make positive choices are rewarded; students who make poor choices are issued consequences.

The students, staff, governors and parents were involved in establishing our 5 key rules of the classroom:

Rule 1 – Arrive on time to lessons properly equipped

  • Students must arrive within 5-minutes of the start of the lesson – unless they have a legitimate note giving reasons for the lateness.
  • Students must be properly equipped – planner, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and specialist equipment as required, e.g. PE, DT.

Rule 2 – Listen when the teacher is speaking

  • Students to listen once clear instructions for quiet have been given.
  • Blanket C1 should not be given to the whole class or groups of students at the start of the lesson.
  • Professional judgement should be used to differentiate between enthusiasm and a student being disrespectful. Example, shouting out needs a gentle reminder to put their hands up.

Rule 3 – Follow staff instructions first time

  • Self-explanatory.

Rule 4 – Always work to the best of your ability

  • Work means any form of learning activity in (or out of) the classroom, e.g. written work, oral work, group work, role-plays, practical work, etc.

Rule 5 – Respect other people’s feelings, belongings and equipment

  • Respect other people’s learning means allowing all other students freedom to learn, e.g. not talking to people when they are trying to work, not interrupting the teacher.
  • Respecting other people’s feelings means not making inappropriate comments/gestures to others.
  • Respecting other people’s belongings means students must not touch, deface or interfere with other people’s belongings or school equipment.

Students who choose to break these rules and disrupt learning and teaching will have chosen a consequence:

C1 Verbal warning
C2 Verbal warning
C3 Student sent to Referral Room and subsequently issued an after-school detention.
C4 Isolation for 1, 2 or 3 days or Exclusion.

The school also has high expectations of the students’ approach to homework, uniform, punctuality and behaviour in and around the school. We expect all of our students to be positive walking adverts for Severn Vale School. Students who choose not to comply with these expectations will be choosing consequences.

For further information about BfL please contact Mr Ben Wakeford, Deputy Headteacher.