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Child Development

Child Development Cambridge National Certificate Level 1/2

This introduces students to careers centered around children either within health care (midwives, health visitors and pediatric consultants etc) or early years care. It is a vocational qualification where practical activities form the basis of the controlled assessment units.

RO18 – Health and well being for child development

This underpins the knowledge for all further topics. It covers reproduction, parental responsibility, antenatal care, birth, post natal provision, childhood illnesses and child safety. This is examined as an external exam lasting 90 minutes.

RO19 – Understand the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years old

This topic involves knowledge of the equipment needs of babies and children and understanding the factors to consider when buying them. It also covers nutrition and hygiene practices and involves practical activities such as making up a bottle. This is assessed by controlled assessment completed in lessons.

RO20 – Understand the development of a child from birth to five years old

Students will study the developmental norms from birth to five years and the stages and benefits of play. Students will plan activities to observe these developmental norms in a child known to them, and compare them to the expected milestones. This involves two visits to the child, during the first term of year 11. This piece of controlled assessment involves the skills of planning, researching and evaluating skills which are useful in other subjects.