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Severn Vale School

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Our Geography curriculum is designed to explore our place in the world. It covers both Human and Physical Geography as well as developing lots of skills such as reading maps. 

Year 7 

  • Geography detectives 

  • Urban environments 

  • Climate change 

  • Food resources and Farming 

 Year 8 

  • Understanding rivers  

  • Extreme weather  

  • Tropical Rainforest ecosystems 

  • Fantastic Places 

 Year 9 

  • Earth structure - volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis 

  • Global issues: Population, Globalisation, Development & Migration 

  • UK physical landscapes: coasts 


Key Stage 4 GCSE Geography 

Year 10 

  • UK Physical Landscapes 

  • FIELDTRIP to Blackpool Brook 

  • Changing Economic World and the development gap 

  • Case study of Nigeria 

  • Weather hazards: tropical storms and extreme UK weather 

  • Climate change 

  • Resources: Food, water and energy 

  • FIELDTRIP to Bristol 

  Year 11 

  • Rainforest and Hot Desert ecosystems 

  • Urban issues and challenges 

  • UK economy 

  • Tectonic hazards 

  • Exam preparation