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Severn Vale School

An Academy

Pastoral Care

We are proud of the pastoral care provided for our students. When last inspected, Ofsted rated the Care, Guidance and Support provided as Outstanding. They commented that "School staff treasure students whose circumstances make them vulnerable and the support provided for such students and those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is outstanding". Details of the Pastoral Care systems at Severn Vale can be found below. If you have any queries this aspect of our work then please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

  • Each student benefits, first and foremost, from exceptional relationships with the staff at Severn Vale School including a form tutor, non-teaching Deputy Year Team Leader, Year Team Leader and link member of the Senior Leadership Team alongside our talented team of subject teachers.
  • Students who experience barriers to learning are cared for by our team of talented professionals in “The Link” which encompasses our SEN provision and our Social Inclusion Unit (SIU)
  • The school employs a professional counsellor to work with students experiencing issues both in and outside of the school environment
  • The SIU offers short courses in self-esteem, social skills, anger management and organisation alongside 1:1 mentoring as appropriate
  • Our APC (Additional Pastoral Care) system ensures that students experiencing a range of difficulties, both social and emotional, which may otherwise prevent them from engaging with education are supported, monitored and nurtured
  • Our nationally accredited Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution policy and procedures ensure that when students experience problems within relationships, they are dealt with swiftly and sensitively using a range of strategies to suit each context including restorative justice and mutual respect contracts.
  • Students are praised when they “get it right” in a variety of contexts – from praise in the classroom to weekly and termly awards for academic, social and attendance achievements to our annual Sports Awards Evening and Year 11 Graduation each November