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Severn Vale School

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Pastoral Care at Severn Vale School

Pastoral Care at Severn Vale School

Pastoral care is our first priority at Severn Vale School.  Unless pupils feel happy and safe at school, they are unlikely to make the most of the curriculum and opportunities at the school.

The Pastoral System

Every student has a tutor who will usually follow their group through until the end of their time at school.  Tutors work in a team under the direction of a Year Team Leader (YTL) and a Deputy Year Team Leader (DYTL). 

The whole pastoral system is organised and led by the Deputy Headteacher Ben Wakeford.

Each Year Team is line managed by an attached member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Any concerns about academic progress or personal well-being should be addressed to either the tutor or the Year Team / Deputy Leader and will be followed up with appropriate support.  You can e-mail the appropriate staff using the following links:

The Teams:

Year 7

Deputy Transition Lead and Year Team Leader

Jen Essex

Assistant Head and SENDCo

Michell Littlegray

Year 8

Year Team Leader

Sandra Ellison

Deputy Year Team Leader

Melissa Skidmore

Assistant Headteacher

Mark Nichols

Year 9

Year Team Leader

Louise Watkins

Deputy Year Team Leader

Fiona Hayward

Deputy Headteacher

Kirsten Prescott

Year 10


Year Team Leader

Rob Hunte

Deputy Year Team Leader

Vick Ball

Deputy Headteacher

Ben Wakeford

Year 11

Year Team Leader

Andy Davis

Deputy Year Team Leader

Penny Davis

Deputy Headteacher

Stefan Horton


Bullying & Conflict 

Bullying is rare at Severn Vale School. Whenever it occurs, the school takes it very seriously.  As a school we can only act if we know there is a problem and so it is important that students tell their tutor, YTL or DYTL if they are having a problem.  This applies in school and to transport to and from school also. 

Unlike bullying, incidents of conflict are much more common between young people at school. As with bullying, the school take conflict between students seriously and so ask that students report any incidents to the appropriate staff.

In the digital age one of the main causes of unhappiness can be unkind comments on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  When upsets or issues of this sort occur the school will intervene to support parents and students, but would also advocate the reporting of instances to the Police.