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Severn Vale School

An Academy

Religious Education


Students follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus. In some topics students study one religion in depth, in other topics there are a range of religious views. Atheist and humanist views are also taught and a key area of study also. 

Year 7

  • Does God exist?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • An introduction to Sikhism
  • Spirituality
  • What do people do when things get hard?

Year 8

  • An introduction to Islam
  • An introduction to Buddhism
  • Should religious people be green?
  • Death is it the end?

Year 9

  • Good bad, right and wrong. How do we decide?
  • Atheism Vs Agnosticm
  • Should happiness be our sole purpose?
  • A guide to alternative religions and belief systems


Students can opt to choose Religious Studies GCSE. We follow the Eduqas course - focusing on Christianity, Islam and ethical and philosophical questions in the modern world.

Non-option RS is taught through the Futures programme.