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More success in Young Photographer competition

Once again students from Severn Vale enjoyed success in the Young Photographer competition

The National Young Photographer competition is a well-established competition promoted by Rotary Internal in Britain and Ireland. It is a three stage competition designed to support and encourage development of photographic skills.

The competition aims to encourage young people to:

  • Experiment with photography
  • Use digital or tradition methods of photography
  • Show interpretation of their chosen topic
  • Express their ideas through the medium of photography.

The competition is open to students, in full time education, in three age groups:

  • Junior 7-10
  • Intermediate 11-13
  • Senior 14-17

The task was to produce a portfolio of three photographs based upon the theme ‘Our world is beautiful’ in colour or black and white. In addition entrants needed to provide, in no more than 50 words, the inspiration for their photographs.

20 students entered from SVS:

Year 7

Harry Bowd

Year 8

Alex Newton-Jones

Year 10

Lewis Wainwright, Jenson Wallace, Damian Geirmak, Kian Dix, Holly Box, Daniel Small, Josh Penston, Melissa Whitehouse, Charlotte Nock, Sam White and Emily Howell

Year 11

Joe Bowkett, Charlie Dyer, Will Balster, Dominic Heskins, Charley Grant, Nicole Rigby and Kerry Sunderland 

I have some great news! Severn Vale students won both the intermediate and senior categories. These students will go on to the district competition now. The senior winner was Lewis Wainwright of 10Y and the intermediate winner was Alex Newton-Jones of 8O. They have also each won a ‘Painting with light’ master class and will get to choose their favourite photos and get it printed and framed. The prizes are sponsored by Clifton Cameras, Durlsey.

Both students produced beautiful and insightful photographs and inspirations.

10Y Lewis Wainwright’s Inspiration:

I took these photos because I think they represent the beauty of our world. The photo of the beach stands out because of the amazing colour. The symmetry seagulls also stands out because of the aperture. The picture of the boat is great because it shows a natural environment.

8O Alex Newton-Jones’ Inspiration:

The Snail: There is a manmade fence, and still nature finds its way over that factor.

The Fungi: An amazing fubguas stuck onto an old hard oak tree.

Eyes: A stunning piece of wall art under a bridge.

A note from The Rotary Club: ‘Many thanks go to Andrew James, Mike Farmer, Richard Swan as the judges and helpers on the day and to those who also supported and joined us for the event.’ Robert Toesland

Miss Gay
Art department