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School Uniform

It is our ambition that our students be the smartest dressed students in the city. We think it is important to be proud of our school and to reflect that in the way we are presented. We also know that when students get the “small things” right, such as uniform, they are better placed to focus on their learning.

As explained in our Behaviour Policy, students must be in full uniform to attend lessons at Severn Vale School.  Failure to adhere to the uniform policy will result in a student being placed in Referral until the issue has been rectified.  Please note: special dispensation for uniform/jewellery for medical reasons will only be granted on the receipt of a medical note written by a professional on headed paper.

On occasion the leadership team of the school may make minor adjustments to uniform expectations for the benefit of students i.e. in cases of extreme weather or a special occasion. These expectations will be clearly communicated to students in daily line up and by tutors. Students are expected to comply as they would at all other times.

Uniform - Students are required to wear:

  • A school blazer and school tie
  • A plain white work-style shirt, long or short-sleeved
  • Either tailored black trousers or the school skirt. Trousers should meet the shoes and none of the leg should be visible. Trousers that we consider “Skinny”, “Drainpipe”, “Ankle hugging” and “Leggings” are not acceptable school wear (* see below for further advice/links)
  • Plain black shoes. Boots are not acceptable.

  • Socks/Tights – plain black or grey socks or tights.  Socks should not be higher than knee-length. Socks should cover the ankle. Trainer liners are not acceptable socks for school
  • A V-necked jumper, to be worn under the blazer, is available from our school uniform supplier – this is optional.
  • An outside waterproof coat can be worn to and from school and during break and lunchtime during cold/wet weather (No hoodies, denim or leather jackets).  

If you are in any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform, please check in advance with the school before purchasing.

Jewellery - The only jewellery which is acceptable is a wristwatch and one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings worn in the earlobes. Any other form of jewellery is not allowed. Severn Vale School does not allow facial piercings of any kind, including transparent piercing retainers. Please note that students who have piercings during the holidays will be required to remove them before returning to school.  

Hair - No extreme hairstyle or dyed hair of an unnatural colour is allowed. The school’s decision on what is extreme is final. This includes tramlines, Mohican, or skinhead-type styles. Male and female students with long hair must tie it back for PE, Technology and Science lessons.

Nails – Nail polish and false nails are not permitted. Students who have false nails put in place during the holidays will need to have them removed before they return to school

Make-Up – Make-up that is deemed excessive is not allowed at school. This includes: coloured lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, brow liner and false eyelashes.

Equipment - For your child to have full access to the curriculum they will need as a minimum the following:


  • Pencil Case
  • Two black or blue pens
  • Two sharp pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Reading book
  • Water bottle - reusable
  • Protractor
  • Scientific calculator – ideally a Casio FX83 or FX85

Bike Helmets – Bike helmets are compulsory for students travelling to and from school by bicycle or scooter.  They will be checked upon entry to and exit from school. This applies whether students choose to walk or ride their bicycle/scooter.

All school uniform can be purchased from:

Monkhouse Schoolwear
99 Northgate Street
Or online here

PE Uniform can be found here:

School Uniform Grants may be paid to parents/carers whose children are eligible for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium and transferring to Secondary education, i.e. into Year 7, in September 2024. They are also available for pupils moving from Year 9 into Year 10.