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Pastoral Care at Severn Vale School

The Pastoral System

Every student has a tutor who will usually follow their group through until the end of their time at school.  Tutors work in a team under the direction of a non-teaching Head of Year (HOY) who will also remain with the year group throughout their five years. 

The pastoral structure is divided into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 with an Assistant Headteacher responsible for each. 

Key Stage 3

Luke Brown — Assistant Head KS3

Year 7

Melissa Herman - Head of Year 7 Andy Davies - Pastoral Mentor for Year 7

Year 8

Fiona Hayward — Head of Year 8  Liv Lowry — Pastoral Mentor for Year 8

Year 9

Vic Ball — Head of Year 9

Rob Hunte — Pastoral Mentor for Year 9

Key Stage 4

Rob Spooner — Assistant Head KS4 Ali Jones — Pastoral Mentor for KS4

Year 10

Kelly Evans - Head of Year 10

Year 11

Jen Essex — Head of Year 11
Non-attached Pastoral Staff
Michell Littlegray — Assistant Head & SENCO