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Flexible Learning Day

Yesterday on Thursday 24th November, our students enjoyed a different style of learning in our flexible learning day.

The activities the students took part in were:

‘Hero Day’ - for our year 7, this day was spent with their tutor groups and helps students think and identify who their personal heroes are.

‘Multi Faith Day’ – this was for our year 8 students in band X. This was an opportunity for students to meet believers all over the country despite all of our differences. This made our year 8 students more aware of the fact that despite our differences, we all have so much in common.

‘V&A Innovate’ – This was for our year 8 students in band Y. This gave the students a change to take par in an annual National Schools Challenged. This activity had students working in teams to design a solution for a real-world problem. On this particular day it had our year 8 students focusing on solutions relating to the word ‘Renew’. ‘How could they give materials and spaces a second life’.

‘Healthy Lifestyle’ – These activities were for our year 9 students. They had First Aid training with Mr Higgs, a lesson on how drugs and alcohol affect the body, Internet safety and healthy and safe relationships.

‘Mock Interviews’ – Our year 10 students got a first look into how to prep for post 16 college and job interviews. Through the day the students took part in 4 workshops all geared towards learning about the world of work and developing their employability skills. The 4 workshops included: the University of Gloucestershire's focus is on 'why go to university', Amazing Apprenticeships will be introducing the benefits of apprenticeships and a session on CV writing.

‘Post 16 Visits’ – Finally, ‘Post 16 Visits’ were for our year 11 students. This activity involved students visiting further education colleges, sixth forms and training facilities including Gloucestershire, Cirencester, SGS. GET and Hartpury colleges, and Marling, St Peter's and Holmleigh Park sixth forms to experience a range of subject related taster activities.