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DofE Training Day

The DofE 2022-23 expedition journey begins, new skills learnt and friendships are strengthened.

Saturday 28th January, saw the start of the expedition journey for our 2022-23 DofE cohort. The day was spent learning how to read maps, plan routes, fill in route cards, what to do in an emergency, what food is needed for the expedition, how to put up a tent and how to cook on a Trangia. Although, students had chosen their own groups it was a chance to work with their expedition groups for the first time and form a working relationship with their peers, before they venture to the wilds of the Vale of Berkeley for their practice expedition in a couple of months time. At the end of the day, it was really nice to speak to the three Ocean Rock instructors, who delivered the training, as they were full of praise for our fantastic students.

Mr Higgs

DofE Manager