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DofE Practice Expedition

Last weekend saw the 23/24 DofE cohort undertake their practice expedition.

They set off from Barbury Castle, which is just south of Swindon and walked on the Ridgeway and Marlborough Downs. Over the weekend, Bronze groups walked about 25km with Silver groups walking on an additional day and doing about 40km.

As well as walking, groups were expected to be self-sufficient by carrying everything they needed for the weekend, setting up camp and cooking their food on a Trangia. They were also expected to use the skills they had been taught to navigate their way from start to finish. On the whole this was done very well with only a few minor navigational errors which were corrected quickly and is all part of the fun.

One of the Bronze groups were determined to set a new land speed record for a DofE group on foot. They were walking at 6km per hour, until we did things to slow them down slightly.

Finally, I would just like to thank Mr Horton, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Golden and Miss Fenton for giving up their weekend to help to support our students.

Mr Higgs (DofE Manager)