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Year 7 General Election Assembly

Year 7 students help to promote the General Election to fellow students

Our latest project in Breakthrough Club was based around the ever nearing General Election. We chose four of the main political parties standing for the election and researched them using promotional posters, manisfestos and letters. We then verified the facts and typed them up into speech format using the computers.

After typing up our speeches, we dedicated a whole lesson to practising and refining our speeches in the hall to prepare for the assembly where we had to stand in front of the other 235 students in Year 7 and promote our chosen party.

It was quite nerve-wrecking but we did it without any problems. Once we had presented all of the parties, the year group had to vote by raising their hands to vote for each party; these were counted by the tutors and were independently verified.

The audience chose Labour 1st with Liberal Democrats 2nd, the Green Party 3rd and Conservatives 4th.

After this memorable experience we gained confidence in public speaking and in our ability to perform and create speeches for others.

By Poppy Savory (7W) & Georgina Terner-Swift-Coope (7W)