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Oxford University – Year 10 taster day

A group of Year 10 students visited Oxford University to gain an  insight into student life


On Thursday 30th April 2015, ten Year 10 students ventured to one of the Russell group universities and one of the most famous and historical institution of higher education in the world – the University of Oxford. The students were greeted on arrival with tea / coffee / hot chocolate before an opening talk to give the outline for the day.

The students were given an introductory talk about the university itself and graduate life in general.  Two students were then allocated as guides and led the group on a tour of the city. They showed the group the various colleges and gave the students the chance to speak to them individually about university and their pathway to get to Oxford.

The tour ended at St Edmunds Hall. Here the students were given the chance to quietly enter the church conversion library to see students revising hard for exam season. After an impressive lunch in the dining hall the students had a question and answer session with the university leaders before walking across to the computer science building for a seminar based on current research work and issues in the modern world.

The trip finished with a final debrief and a questionnaire summarising the day. The students learnt a lot from the day including how GCSEs have a massive impact as well as the need to take responsibility for your own learning. 


Miss Heyward
Deputy Year Team Leader