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Severn Vale School

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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Severn Vale School

The DofE award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people, is nationally recognised, and the number one non-academic criteria employers look for.

Students can achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections: 

  1. Volunteering: undertaking service to individuals or the community
  2. Physical: improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities
  3. Skills: developing practical and social skills and personal interests
  4. Expedition: planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad with a presentation 

By participating in The Duke of Edinburgh’s award students will experience new opportunities and gain several key attributes such as: leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration, and ability to learn in different way. 

You can get loads of great information by visiting here

Severn Vale School is heading into our 4th year of offering DofE and it has been great to see the variety of activities are students are participating in. A small section of activates that our students have done so far are listed below:


Keeping chickens, hedgehog sanctuary, writing newsletters for a charity, Beavers/Scouts, helping a local farmer with animal welfare, working with children, Supporting Quedgeley Library, GFM Radio Station, helping at a Nature reserve, leading activities at girl guides, Sports leadership within the local primary schools, helping a local charity shop, Event planning with park run, setting up and managing a market stall, reading to year 7, supporting people with disabilities.


Walking, equestrian, fencing, scootering, cheer-leading, badminton, hockey, football, walking, sculling, Beatz fitness, Zumba, gymnastics, running, archery, swimming, kickboxing, ballet, rugby, circus skills, cross fit/gyms sessions.


Dog training, textiles, photography, playing an instrument stamp collecting, cooking, cake decorating, first aid, learning Makaton, animal care, computer science, gardening, model construction, playing in a band, creative writing

Generally, most students are already doing activities that count towards DofE, and therefore do not have to organise new activities. So, why not gain a fantastic award to make your future CV stand out from the rest.

The only additional tasks will be regularly logging on the eDofE to load evidence of tasks and the expedition.

DofE states that participants need to plan, train for, complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim and give a final presentation on completion. Our students will be complete their Bronze expedition on foot. There are 20 conditions that students need to meet in order to complete this section of their award and the whole team needs to meet them. They can be found here

Using eDofE

In October we always run an eDofE set up session after school in the IT rooms, taking participants through the set up procedure, giving out their welcome packs and showing them how to locate resources on SharePoint.

What is eDofE?

eDofE is the electronic version of a log book (the older version of recording and monitoring activities). Each student that joins the award will have a participants account created for them. They must then fill in their personal information and personal programme of activities.

Throughout the DofE award students must upload evidence to show they are completing their award. This can be done by visiting here. If a student has a smart phone they can do this all by using the mobile platform from their web browser (sadly DofE does not have an app, but this is a more mobile phone friendly version).

What is good evidence?

Good evidence can include many things, you may like to collect photographs, scans of certificates, letters etc. You can take audio files, photos or video footage with your phone or camera. You can use the pages in the Keeping Track booklet (in your welcome pack), scan it in/photograph it, you can also upload documents or just type a short written update of your activity straight into eDofE.

If a student doesn’t have access to the internet at home, they can still complete their programme by using the Welcome Pack and log sheets:

  • Use a log sheet (accessed via SharePoint, these can be printed at school).
  • Get your Assessor's comments in the Keeping Track Booklet
  • Get your Leader to approve your sections by signing and dating it.
  • SVS Leaders will also be able to load any evidence students provide if they cannot access the internet.
  • Please be aware an assessor can NOT be a family member.

For registered participants there is a DofE section on SharePoint where they can access resources they may need. All students need to do is log on to Office365, click on SharePoint, Team Sites and then The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award section.

The DofE award is organised by Mr Higgs. He is currently supported by staff volunteer group leaders:

  • Mrs Bagworth (Math Department)
  • Miss Ball (Admin team)
  • Miss Embling (English Department)
  • Mr Howard (Geography Department)
  • Miss Jones (Math Department)
  • Mrs Nichols (Teaching Support Staff)
  • Mrs O’Connor (Science Department)
  • Mrs Selwyn (Teaching Support Staff)
  • Mrs Siracusa (MFL Department)
  • Mrs Waugh (Cover Supervisor)
  • This list is altering each year

Each student will have one group leader, who can help them with eDofE, organising activities and answering any questions they might have.

We regularly produce articles for the parent’s newsletters, with key information and photographs are shared. We also have an active Twitter account, where messages, reminders, tips and photographs can be viewed. This is an excellent tool when on expedition as you can see what your child/ward is getting up to whilst away from home for the weekend. Follow us @SVSDofE

The DofE Award so far…

In our first year (16-17) 23 year 9 students signed up to participate in the award. In July, 17 achieved their bronze award, which was presented at the Sports Award Evening.

In year two (17-18), 53 bronze students took part in the expedition. As of July 2018, 25 students have achieved their bronze award, with more still working towards their minimum time commitments for different activities. (N.B - students do not need to complete the award within 1 academic year, but it does maintain momentum and enthusiasm. Once signed up students can participate until their 25 birthday)

Of the 17 students who achieved their bronze award, 8 chose to undertake the next challenge and took part in the Silver award this year. As of July 2018, 5 have achieved their Silver award, 2 are just finishing their volunteering commitments and the third is making steady progress.

In year three (18-19) 47 year 9 students signed up to participate in the bronze award and 8 year 10 students signed up to participate in the silver award. Two aspects of the DofE award are organisation and commitment, and some students are currently still working towards their award. This involves, submitting their activities online via eDofE, uploading evidence of the activities and collecting assessors’ reports.

As of July 2019 we have 13 bronze and 7 silver achievers, and many others are continuing their award into the next academic year.

Heading in to our fourth year (19-20), we have 44 year 8 students signed up and starting the award in September. As well as 6 bronze achievers taking on the next challenge of the Silver award.