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Pokémon X & Y new release is a fresh new take on the franchise, and is the first game to feature 3D technology. Along with the new Kalos region that brings a new generation of Pokémon to the table, it brings an amazing experience to new and die hard Pokémon fans.

New features include a customisable character (the first Pokémon game to ever do this) and diagonal movement! This may not seem like a big deal, but for hard-core fans that have been playing the games since Red and Blue it is revolutionary and gives a deeper sense of realism to gamers.

The game’s story line is new and refreshing and is a plot that we have never seen from a Pokémon game before. While all the other games in the franchise are ‘Beat the Elite Four and save the world from the evil organisation’, this game goes further and adds a sense of sadness and loss, which touches the heart of anyone that gets their hands on it.

Written by Eddie and Elliott