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Key careers planning steps





Year 9

Dec to March

  • Research and choose GCSE Optional Subjects

Year 9

July to Sept

  • Research a work experience placement for next summer, independently, with support from school.

Year 10


  • Arrange a work experience placement.
  • Attend careers fair at school.
  • Attend flexi day to gain employability skills in school.

Year 10

All year

  • Visit open days at Colleges, School Sixth Forms, Training Centres and Apprenticeship opportunities - independently.

Year 10


  • Attend and maximise work experience.

Year 11

From October

  • Second visits and applications for relevant Post 16 Education, Training or Apprenticeship - independently.
  • Attend Year 11 flexi day to visit a Post 16 facility.

Along with timetabled careers lessons and activities, students at Severn Vale are able to attend a variety of talks, events and tasters held at lunchtimes. 

Events and opportunities at colleges, employers, school sixth forms, training centres and universities for students to attend in their own time are all advertised in registration time, assemblies and on posters around the school.   A list of known events can be found on the Careers Resources page.