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The Music and Performing Arts department at Severn Vale School is pleased to be able to offer your child the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument for our current academic year. The information below outlines the provision from our peripatetic teachers and the options you can choose for your child.

Instrumental tuition available (Individual lessons):

  • Singing  
  • Brass (Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone)
  • Piano (traditional and popular music) or Keyboard
  • Guitar (electric, acoustic and classical)
  • Ukulele
  • Electric Bass
  • Double Bass
  • Drum Kit
  • Lessons for Woodwind, Violin, Viola, Cello and any other instruments not listed are likely available privately - please check this TouchBass link to find local teachers


Number of lessons per term:

Each term has 5 instrumental lessons. The maximum number of lessons you can sign up for are indicated in the table below as well as the deadlines for submitting the required online form:


Term 1 lessons


Term 2 lessons


Term 3 lessons


Term 4 lessons


Term 5 lessons


Term 6 lessons

(June – July)

Ideal deadline for registering interest 

Term 6:  end of July 2019 for current students

Term 1: Monday 7 October 2019


Term 2: Monday  2 December 2019


Term 3: Monday 3 February 2020


Term 4: Monday  23 March 2020


Term 5: Thursday   11 May 2020


Term 6: End of August 2019 for new Y7 students

How many lessons you can receive if continued until July 2020







Please note once you have registered your interest in instrumental lessons, these lessons are only timetabled if the required payment is received. Please read the terms and conditions our instrumental staff provide you for further information about cancelling lessons.


Individual, group, length and time of lessons:

Each lesson will last 30 minutes totalling 2 hours 30 minutes of lesson time each term. Lessons occur during the school day on a rotation basis so that curriculum lessons are affected as little as possible. If you wish to have lessons scheduled before or after school, our peripatetic staff require notice that you wish this to happen.



All communication to our peripatetic staff is direct (via email primarily). Please go to the "Register for instrumental lessons" webpage to make contact [see footer of this webpage]. We have setup a template email for you that provides our peripatetic staff with all information they need to provide an invoice and form their forthcoming timetable. Peripatetic staff will inform you of their own terms and conditions. Please make sure you provide them with your most frequently checked email address and accurate contact details.


Student organisation

On viewing / saving / printing the instrumental timetable students must:

  1. Write their lesson times into their planners.
  2. Pack any resources (instruments, sheet music, worksheets, instrument specific resources) the night before their lesson.
  3. Arrive 5 minutes before their lesson.

We encourage any students who struggle with organisation to follow these 3 suggestions with parent's / guardian's additional support. If you feel further support is necessary within school, please contact our music subject staff (please also see our FAQ page, question 2).


Instruments – How to hire / buy an instrument

An instrument hire service is available through Gloucestershire Music (full details on the prices and service are available on their website). For local shops Gloucester has Soundhouse and A Remus Sound. Cheltenham has Secondwind and Cheltenham Violins. Dursley has Intersound for guitar. Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff also have various shops you can find online. We do advise that you check out their websites and contact shops before you visit.


Cost of lessons and FSM / Pupil Premium Status

If your child will be in receipt of pupil premium or have “free school meals” status in the term you wish to have instrumental lessons, our peripatetic staff will need to know about this when you register for lessons please. Please contact our music teachers if you have any further questions.

The cost for five lessons each term is outlined below. NB - If there are any changes to the cost of lessons you will be given at least 30 days notice.

  • 5x Individual lessons (30 minute) at a total £80 [full cost]
    or £40 [FSM / Pupil Premium]


Communication about lesson progress:

Our peripatetic staff will inform you about your child’s progress through the means they consider most suitable.  If you wish to have an up-to-date summary on your child's progress please contact their teacher directly.


Quality Assurance

Any issues encountered should be addressed directly with peripatetic staff, however should also be overseen by Head of Music and Performing Arts. If you have any queries regarding our quality assurance, please contact Mr. Khokher.


Contact details:

For any finance enquiries please contact the peripatetic teacher who has contacted you about the invoice and payment details.

For any other enquiries not answered on our FAQs page, please contact our music teachers.