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School Parliament

Students at Severn Vale School have representation via a Parliamentary-style system:

Tutor Groups

Each tutor group acts like a local council. Here, students discuss issues together as a tutor group and often with the tutor chairing discussions.

Year Council

Each tutor group elects two students to represent their views on the year council. This meets once a term and is chaired by the relevant Head of Year

School Parliament

Any student who has been elected onto the Year Council is eligible to stand for election to the School Parliament. Candidates write manifestos and run an election campaign including participation in a hustings assembly just like a General Election. The rest of the year group then vote for their two favourite candidates who duly sit on the School Parliament for that academic year. The Parliament also has a “cabinet” which is made up from one representative from each year group who remains on the Parliament for their five years at Severn Vale having been chosen by the other representatives. The staff member of the School Parliament is Mr Horton although there is a student chair and secretary!

  • The purpose of the Parliamentary system is to:
  • Give pupils a real voice within a manageable system
  • Encourage students  to take ownership and responsibility for their school
  • Enable staff to gain student perspective
  • Raise awareness about democratic systems and rights in line with Citizenship education


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