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The Learning Resource Centre

Equipped with a vast range of relevant resources from laptops and computers to books and magazines, the LRC is a valuable tool in assisting the learning of Severn Vale’s pupils.

The LRC itself is also a hub of extra-curricular activities and events such as the morning club, which runs from 8 in the morning, and numerous after school activities including film viewings and curriculum related events.

There is an LRC team of 10 pupils who help out in the LRC and provide creative ideas and insight into the way that the LRC needs to run to best provide for the needs of the pupils.

LRC Morning Club

Between 8.00 and 8.30 every morning the LRC provides free breakfast with games and activities to all Severn Vale pupils. The Morning Club ensures that pupils start the day well, with a good breakfast and activities to exercise the mind to get ready for the school day. This is beneficial for pupils who would normally go without breakfast and for those who struggle to wake up in the mornings.

LRC Resources

The LRC has a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction books available for the pupils to borrow. The fiction is all organised into categories so that all similar stories are kept together, making it easier to find what you are looking for. The non-fiction categories link in with the individual subject areas and modules studied within those subjects, this makes it easy to find books to aid specific homework tasks.

The audio library is still in the early stages of development but we still have some popular novels available to borrow or listen to in the LRC, such as the Harry Potter books and key texts studied on the English curriculum.

We also stock a variety of DVD resources from latest releases to documentaries. These can be borrowed by pupils, in accordance with the age certificate of the DVD, for a small returnable deposit. There is a television available to book for lunch times to watch any of the documentaries that we have.

LRC Team

At the start of the year the LRC advertises any vacancies on the the LRC team. Any pupils wishing to be a member of the team will need to fill out an application form and go through an interview process in order to be considered for the post. Places on the team are highly sought - after as pupils get to have their say in what goes on in the LRC and help out with tasks at break and lunch time.

Each member of the LRC team has a specialty:

  • Library Specialists- helping to put back returned books, making suggestions for new titles and coming along to Waterstones to help purchase relevant resources.
  • Computer Specialists- take computer bookings and help out with any technical problems that pupils may encounter.
  • Oliver Specialists- help to check books out to pupils at break and lunch time.
  • DVD Specialist- who also runs our film club.