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Unifrog brings careers information into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices, from deciding on which subjects to study at GCSE to building a CV, through to submitting the strongest Post-16 application. The platform encompasses apprenticeship, further educational colleges as well focusing on wellbeing. Every Severn Vale Student, from year 7 to Y11 has a Unifrog account and are encouraged to engage with the platform.  


Unifrog empowers teachers to manage the progression process to post-16 effectively and provide students with subject specific careers guidance. Unifrog also organises regular webinars giving useful career based insights for Teachers including how to make the most out of Unifrog. The Resources Library offer tutors short careers sessions that can easily be delivered in Tutor Time.  


Unifrog wants to level the playing field when it comes to students finding and applying successfully for the best opportunities for them. Part of this process is to give parents access to this site which including getting Unifrogs monthly email and being able to navigate the platform to find out more  


Where does Unifrog's data come from? 

Lots of places. This includes UCAS, the National Apprenticeships Service, The National Careers Service, Unistats, HESA, The Guardian, HEPI, the Cabinet Office, the Office for National Statistics, the Commission for Employment and Skills, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Ofsted, every UK university, UK university alumni, FutureLearn, Coursera, Udacity, every college at Oxford and Cambridge, and QS. We keep all our data bang up to date — for example, apprenticeships vacancies are updated every night.