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Through Futures students learn about 'useful truths for now and the future'. Futures is delivered to all students throughout their time at Severn Vale. The course deals with many important aspects of life not specifically taught as part of ‘traditional’ subjects and plays a key role in equipping students with the skills to succeed both in and outside of school. 

Year 7

In Year 7 students begin with a topic entitled Team SVS, where they explore the skills needed to thrive here in school.  They then move on to Learning to Learn, where they focus on what it means to be a G.R.E.A.T learner.  Later in the year topics covered include Healthy Lifestyles5 Ways to Well-being, Making a difference and Looking after yourself (where we will explore the impact of everything from sunlight and smoking, through to puberty and personal hygiene).

Year 8

Year 8 begins with a look at how we build relationships with those around us and how to handle the challenges these relationships bring.  Students then undertake a topic on Body Image and explore the media’s role in influencing our self-esteem.  We explore risk through topics on Road Safety and First Aid and then compare our lives to that of others in topics on Global Citizens and The European Community. Students also complete a topic on how they see their lives and their well-being. Year 8 finishes with a topic on Drugs Awareness where we explore our attitude to risk and how best to make safe choices.

Year 9

In Year 9 students begin with a topic on Identity and Diversity where we explore what shapes our identity and how we see Britain and our place in it.  We then go on to examine whether we should be getting involved in issues around the world in our Global Community topic.  In Learning to Learn students complete a research project on someone they admire and in Careers and Personal Finance we learn about saving and borrowing along with work on our career and life aspirations.  Strategies for life is a topic designed to introduce students to some of the skills needed to cope with the tough things life throws at us all and the year concludes with a topic on Relationships and Sex.  In this topic we look at sex in the context of a relationship and whilst students do learn about safe sex, the focus of the topic is more one of loving and respectful relationships.


Futures continues to combine curriculum elements of Citizenship, Careers and PSHEe but with the new addition of RE at KS4.  As always, our aims is to ensure that students leave Severn Vale School best prepared for the next stage of their life.  

Over one hour a week students will examine a whole host of varied and topical modules that seek to equip them with vital life skills and a well-balanced view of themselves and the world around them. Students will be taught to question and challenge world views and be given space to think for themselves about their beliefs and attitudes to a whole host of current world issues. The course is not examined in any way but will develop and enhance skills that can be applied to a wide variety of the examinations subjects that students are entered for.  Topics studied include:

Year 10

  • Society and the Media
  • Wellbeing
  • Belief
  • Relationships
  • Relevance of Religion
  • Work and careers

Year 11

  • Managing Risk
  • Post-16 Preparation
  • Making a Difference
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Study Skills and Managing our Well-being
  • Ethical Debates