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 Physical Education Department  

  • Value all learners  
  • Achieve and develop  
  • Learn in a positive environment   
  • Educate the physical, emotional and social domain  

At Severn Vale, we create and deliver a broad and challenging curriculum that impacts all levels of ability in Physical Education at Severn Vale. All students are given the opportunity to succeed in lessons. Using our Head, Heart, Hands framework, students understand they have three different areas to achieve success and growth in PE, not just the physical element. We have created our KS3 curriculum around the Head, Heart, Hands model, this links into our assessment model. ‘Head’ is the understanding of the lesson content, ‘Heart’ is the weekly concept which is different for each year group and ‘Hands’ is the physical component of the lesson.   

We offer an extensive curriculum to cater for all students. This includes traditional team sports; football, rugby, netball, hockey, basketball, rounders and cricket, to individual sports; table tennis, dance, gymnastics, badminton, and athletics as well as alternative and emerging sports; pickleball, trampolining, lacrosse and tchoukball. We have grown our OAA provision and will implement this in the 2023/24 summer term, to run alongside the Team Building activities taught in the Winter term.  

At Key Stage 4 our provision focuses on an understanding of a healthy active lifestyle, sportsmanship, tactical awareness and understanding through game play. Our participation levels at KS4 are high which reflects a healthy, active and engaged student body. We offer traditional team sports and individual sports; alongside this we have the use of our fitness suite and dance studio. 

At examination level, we offer 2 courses; OCR GCSE PE and OCR Sports Science. A large number of students opt to take PE at KS4 and we currently run four examination classes in both Year 10 and Year 11. Students want to engage in our examination subject because of the positive experience they have at KS3 and we are a popular KS4 option subject. Our GCSE results were the highest in the school for the last two years and had the most progress achieved, students getting on average 1.5 grades higher than expected. 30% of the 2023 cohort achieved a Grade 8 or 9, with 90% achieving a Grade 6 or above, this is nearly 50% above the national average.  We are very proud of the PE teaching and learning culture we have developed.

Concept Curriculum 

As a department we plan the KS3 Concept Curriculum, implementing the key concepts we believe are important and embedding them into the units of work. We have a weekly concept for each year group, and this is discussed in each lesson, alongside the understanding and the physical element of the skills being taught in the lesson.      

We plan and deliver a worthwhile curriculum in KS3 and KS4, where students have the best possible experience. Our Head, Heart, Hands at KS3 gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, which then leads into an active KS4 curriculum and extensive extracurricular program, encouraging students to lead healthy active lives when they leave Severn Vale.    


The PE department provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in. Multiple clubs run every day, at lunch time and after school. There is a high participation rate in PE clubs across all year groups, a result of the positive experience students have in their PE lessons. These clubs allow students to further their enjoyment and skills in the chosen activity.  We have multiple fixtures against local schools across a variety of sports each week, giving students the opportunity to take part in competitive sport whilst representing the school.

Each year the following clubs are provided either at lunch or after school:  

  • Girls’ Football   
  • Boys’ Football  
  • Boys’ Rugby  
  • Girls’ Rugby  
  • Lacrosse  
  • Netball  
  • Basketball  
  • Table Tennis  
  • Badminton   
  • Pickleball  
  • Rounders 
  • Girls’ Cricket  
  • Boys’ Cricket  
  • Trampolining  
  • Athletics  
  • Fitness  
  • Cheerleading  
  • Multi-sports club  


We run multiple sporting trips for our students. We feel it is important for students to be given the opportunity to experience live sport and to see elite performers in a sport that they have shown commitment to over the course of the year. We also run various sporting tours for different sports and year groups.   

Over the past few years, we have run several trips:   

  • Netball tour to Belfast with Year 9, 10 and 11  
  • Year 9 boys rugby tour to Swansea  
  • PGL Netball Trip   
  • GB hockey vs Germany, international hockey at the Lee Valley Stadium, London  
  • Netball trip to Worcester Arena to watch Severn Stars  
  • Harlem Globetrotters at Cardiff  
  • Girls Football trip to Ashton Gate Stadium to watch Bristol City Women vs Chelsea