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The course will provide learners with knowledge, transferable skills and tools to improve their learning in other subjects with the aim of enhancing their employability when they leave education, contributing to both personal development and future economic well-being. 

Students will cover three units.

Unit R032: Principles of care in health and social care settings (40%)

In this unit you will learn about the importance of the rights of service users, person-centred values and how to apply them. You will also learn about the importance of effective communication skills when providing care and support for service users in health and social care settings and the procedures and measures used to protect individuals such as safeguarding, hygiene and security.

1 hour 15 mins written paper, OCR set and marked.

Unit R033: Supporting individuals through life events (30%)

In this unit you will learn about life stages and the factors that affect them. You will understand expected and unexpected life events and the impact they will have on physical, social/emotional, and socio-economic aspects in an individual’s life.

You will research the service providers and practitioners that can support individuals, recommend support, and justify how this will meet the needs of a specific individual.

10-12 hours of ongoing non-examined assessment (NEA*)

Unit R035: Health promotion campaigns (30%)

In this unit you will have the opportunity to explore the various public health challenges the country faces, the approaches used to encourage health and wellbeing and the importance of this to society. You will understand the factors affecting a healthy lifestyle so that campaigns can be designed to target different groups of people. You will also learn how to plan and deliver your own small-scale health promotion campaign and how to evaluate your planning and delivery.

10-12 hours of non-examined internal assessment (NEA*)